Bail Bonds San Antonio: Fast & Reliable Services

The law offices of Jesus R. Lopez in San Antonio offer very flexible bail bond services. In case you, or someone dear to you has been arrested and a bail has been set, you should contact this San Antonio Bail Bonds company for help.

bail bondsman san antonio

The experienced legal advisors, bail bond and criminal defense attorneys can offer you a custom tailored option to suit your needs and your available budget.

Some of the bail bond types the offices can handle include drug bail bonds, felony bail bonds, robbery bail bonds, shoplifting bonds, battery bail bonds, federal bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds, and even immigration bail bonds. Here is what you need to do in order to help your loved one come out of jail:

san antonio bail bondsman
-contact the Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez

-the experts are going to explain to you the entire process. You can even contact the offices through the hotline number, any time of the day or night

-you will pay to the San Antonio bail bondsman a certain percentage of the overall amount of the bail, and this is practically the fee charged by the agency. Generally, you will not have to pay more than 10% of the overall amount in fees. So if the bail amount is set at $5,000, you will need to pay only $500 in fees

bail bonds san antonioKeep in mind that the bondsman is undertaking a huge degree of risk. He will pay upfront the entire amount set as bail, but you will have to offer a collateral as a guarantee. Imagine the bail bond process as a specialized, secured type of loan. This bail bonds San Antonio is the most reputable, reliable agency that will help your dear one get out of jail in as little as 24 hours.  You just need to make sure to respect all the contractual provisions!